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“I am so thrilled and blessed to read the book. it is a real eye opener.  You are a GURU of the GURUS of online marketing.  The book is a BIBLE of internet shows the righteous path to promote effectively and save hard earned money and time.  I am looking forward to apply the MANTRA chip and start my online journey with rest of ALPHA DOGS.”

Jitendra Patel
Wimbleton, United Kingdon

"What a refreshing change to find an unpretentious yet utterly compelling piece of work.  The last thing I would ever do is try to skip through 'Secrets of the Big Dogs', why? because almost every sentence is a revelation!"

David James Isherwood
Manchester, United Kingdom

"Your Big Dogs Training is amazing.  Again, thank you for this opportunity.  My sponsor has been a blessing as well - super patient and very willing to help.  It is SO frustrating not to be able to SHOUT to ALL wanna be online marketers, like myself, that Big Dogs is the real deal.  FINALLY!"

Doug Snavely
Colorado USA

"I am at a loss for words, Stan!  The Big Dog Secrets Is more than a mouthfull.  It is a direct help manual for anyone wanting to start an online business as a netpreneur."

Jim Davis
New Brunswick, Canada

"Secrets of the Big Dog is exactly what I have been looking for..... and more!!  Everything is clearly explained and exceptionally well organized.  Who knew you could receive so much value from such a low cost Ebook.  Thank you so much for providing such priceless information!"

-Norma Scott
California, USA

"Hi there, Stan.  I am so pleased to tell you that purchasing 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is probably the best money I've spent in the last seven years!  (You're so handsome, I might add.  LOL)  GREAT book!"

-Lisa Johnson
Vermont, USA

"Your ebook is the best thing (other than the Bible) I've read in a very long time!

Paulo Felton
Minnesota, USA

"I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am to have finally purchased your "Big Dogs" ebook.  I remember all the hoopla when it first came out, ( Yes, I am old.)  I was n idiot who thought it was just another scam.  Far from being a scam, It is the best I have ever read on internet marketing!  I have been one of those shiny object people, thankfully no longer."

"You have provided all the information anyone needs to have some successes on the net."

Gary K Waters
Ohio, USA

"This book is a breath of fresh air!  You provide information in such a clear, no  nonsense way that, truthfully, I never knew. Of course, I'm going to have to read this book again, and again. Thank you for having the foresight to provide this brilliant piece of work for someone like me.  Again, thank you so very much.  I can't say that enough. Thank you."

Lucille Lee
Arizona, USA

“Hi Stan!  ‘Secrets of the The Big Dogs’ is not only a marvelous literary masterpiece, but a phenomenal game changer!”

-Chris Kasanda

"I have read, and re-read your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' and yes you are a Genius!  You tell it like it should have been told from the beginning.   I have copied your E-BOOK and take it to bed with me so I can keep reading every word.  I am a new member to the Computer and I want to be sure I do things right from now on.  I've been down a rocky road so far.  This will put you on auto pilot and make you rich! Yes right, big bunch of lies. I believe you was raised by a Christian Mother as you appear to be a very truthful MAN.  Thank You a MILLION Times for "The BOOK!!!! I shall cherish it always."

Maudine Brubaker
Texas, USA

"Ya know, usually whenever you're thinking about a program...or product etc, the product owners promise support...and help...to no end...promises, promises...and then, they're usually gone to Eastern Siberia on a Sabbatical for an undisclosed amount of time...or they're lost somewhere out there in cyberspace... and/or they're so rude...you seriously don't want to contact...which is probably their goal..."

"You've been true to your word...every step...from the 1st contact I've had with you... and that's damn refreshing, especially here on the Internet...and I respect that seriously..."

Nile Vincent
Washington USA

"I want to tell you that I really enjoy your writing style!!  You get right to the point, but with added color and a sense of humor too. (Now, I'm not kissing-up here!!  I speak the truth and I mean what I say!). I think the Big Dog's ebook and program is a work of art!  It's great!!!"

Walter Wood
California, USA

"Thanks!  I can't tell you how happy I am to be an Alpha Dog.  I can't remember when I enjoyed reading a book so much.  I now JUMP out of bed every morning to get on my computer!"

Michael Hansen
Texas, USA

"I just purchased your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook and am very pleased and impressed with it.  The opportunity that you offer is simply BEAUTIFUL, as well as EXCITING!"

Samuel Grossman
Pennsylvania, USA

"I'm sure you are blessed, and I know that you will continue to provide a no BS, no lies, and no hype opportunity to the mass of people like me who are honestly trying to get their life going in a positive direction.  I don't say many prayers, but I will mention your name when I do."

Jimmy Holland
North Carolina, USA

"Stan, your ebook is AWESOME!  I wonder why you sell it for just $19.95 - this ebook is worth well over $100.00!"

Mohamed Rabea

"I am astonished and overwhelmed by your concept!  I've tried many affiliate programs with little success, but your concept is OUTSTANDING - success only depends on following your system and getting the routine down!"

Christa Maier

"THANK YOU for 'Secrets of the Big Dogs!'  I am so sick of pages and pages of nothing more than garble - YOUR ebook breaks the mold!"

Susan Hemmingsen
New Zealand

"I am very impressed with how well written and informative 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is."

Rick Taylor
Alberta, Canada

"I feel that Big Dogs is the best online business concept I've come across since I began my search over nine months ago.  I appreciate your commitment and your sense of humor - something we ALL need a little more of these days.  Keep up the good work!"

Schelli Whitehouse
West Virginia, USA

"I would like to say that I think you're a 'frickin' genius!  I have read through your material at least seven times and am blown away each time!"

Erik Waldrop
Washington, USA

"I've read 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' three times now, and have gone to the support site - BOTH of which, I must say, are fantastic!  Most of all I'm impressed with your forthright, logical views - expressed with minimal 'rah-rah.'  I've been combing the Internet for SOMEONE who could make sense of it all, and YOU'VE done it brilliantly!  Forget Corey, Declan, and all the rest - YOU 'DA MAN!"

Andrew Goulding
New South Wales, Australia

"Okay, I'm HOOKED!  There is no question that this is the most informative, MUST-HAVE ebook I have ever read!"

Walter Childs
Alabama, USA

"I have just purchased the 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook and am astonishingly impressed with the information!"

Hugh Purcell
New South Wales, Australia

"'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is a must-read for anyone who plans to market on the Internet!"

Denice Haamid
Ohio, USA

"Thank you for a wonderful ebook!  It answered all my questions about online marketing."

Diane Vargas
Texas, USA

"'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is worth every dime!  It clearly lays forth all the pitfalls that I have experienced, and shows the way out of them.  I wish I had had it two years ago - it would have saved me a lot of time and money.  Thanks again for putting all this together for so many of us."

Doug Jerving
Wisconsin, USA

"Thank you for this WONDERFUL, refreshingly honest Internet marketing opportunity!"

Vinny Ferrentino
New York, USA

"I purchased 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' yesterday, and I must admit that your concepts are pretty revolutionary.  At last!  Someone who is willing to cut to the chase and tell the truth about marketing on the Internet!  I'm particularly impressed with the concept of 'don't dig for gold, sell the shovels.'"

Al Judycki
Missouri, USA

"I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful program.  It is the best thing I have seen yet!"

Shaun Pirie
United Kingdom

"I have just read through your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook, and I must say that it is absolutely fantastic and makes a lot of sense.  As it is with so many other people, I could have saved hundreds of dollars had this program crossed my path earlier."

Lance Verster
South Africa

"I have just finished 'Secrets of the Big Dogs,' and have enjoyed your ebook tremendously.  Your writing style and the way you present the information is top notch!"

Roy Cook
webmaster, CelestialVisions.com
Illinois, USA

"Thank you for such enlightened information about marketing on the Internet.  Your perspective is logical and makes a lot of sense!"

Will Black
British Columbia, Canada

"Stan!  'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is the most lucid, well thought out analysis of online marketing I have seen yet.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Cecil Kaiser
Louisiana, USA

"I must congratulate you on 'Secrets of the Big Dogs.'  It is the first time I have read such an informative book on Internet marketing - you cut right to the chase!"

Stewart Burke
Texas, USA

"Hi, Stan!  We are so incredibly pumped over here it isn't funny!  This program is so cool - I just wish we had had it years ago!"

Tom Bell
Webmaster, "TodayICan.com"
Indiana, USA

"I do NOT like to read!  But I printed out your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' and read it by the pool for four hours, and then finished the rest at home - I loved it!  I had to finish every page before I could go to bed, and then I STILL tossed and turned for an hour!"

John Lucyk
Webmaster, "SimplyTheBestLinks.com"
New Jersey, USA

"I have purchased your terrific ebook and have read every word.  I just can't imagine how you were able to gather all of the information contained in the book and understand the complexities of the Internet which enabled you to write it."

Cameron Witmer
Pennsylvania, USA

"'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is a winner!  We need more people in cyberspace with your honesty and integrity!"

Patty Kirshbaum
Minnesota, USA

"'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is very effective and easy to read.  Reading about YOUR 'year of horror' almost sent me into flashbacks!"

Vicki Little Coyote
Missouri, USA

"I am so impressed with your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook.  I was beginning to think that I would never find anything on the Internet that was honest.  But God answered my prayers when I came across your ebook.  Thanks again, and may God bless."

Marcia Robins
Nebraska, USA

"'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is fantastic and has given me new hope.  I only wish I had found it two years (and many dollars!) ago.  Thank you for putting together what I always hoped I'd find."

Sharon Mason
West Virginia, USA

"I bought 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' a few days ago, and it's GREAT!  I'm just sorry I didn't have it years before."

Zoran Anzelc
Republic of Slovenia

"The C.H.I.P. program is the coolest thing I've ever seen.  I get so many 'get rich quick' schemes in my mail I don't even bother reading them anymore.  YOUR ebook is what I've been looking for all this time - the best twenty bucks I've ever spent!"

Jay Roraback
Illinois, USA

"I would like to say how enjoyable your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook was.  I think I made just about every mistake you pointed out!  Even though it was quite humorous, I really learned a lot from it.  Thanks for everything."

Richard Peay
California, USA

"Wanted to drop you a line to tell you how impressed I am with the simplicity of Big Dogs.  I wish I had seen it before I wasted so much time and money on so many other programs."

Jack Hauer
Pennsylvania, USA

"Just purchased 'Secrets of the Big Dogs.'  Well written and informative!"

Dr. Howard W. McIlroy
Texas, USA

"Yesterday I received an ad offering your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook for sale.  It took me all of a second to decide to buy it.  Two hours later, after reading the last word, I MUST pay you a big compliment.  I have never read such an honest and truthful report on Internet marketing!  I found confirmation for a lot of things that, until now, were just an uncertain feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Regarding the C.H.I.P, I had always had the idea of promoting ONE program based on SEVERAL programs, but I had not been able to find anything that was perfect in my eyes.....until now!"

Andreas Zobel

"For the longest time I just DELETED all the ads I received about this 'Big Dogs thing.'  Then I purchased it and I found it to be a pleasant surprise.  It is so much more straightforward, practical, simple, and different from any I have seen before."

David Johnson
Ontario, Canada

"Thanks!  'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is the first ebook I've purchased that made sense to me.  I only wish I had known about it before I bought all those others."

Jennifer Sinsley
Pennsylvania, USA

"I have studied your brilliant ebook several times, and I am really impressed with it!"

Albert Ng Sing Thiang

"I read 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' yesterday, and it was so good that I got up at 2:00 AM this morning to review it again!"

Chester "Whitey" Mack
Florida, USA

"I must tell you that your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook is the most comprehensive, no-nonsense ebook on Internet marketing that I have ever read!"

Elaine Torrance
New York, USA

"I am so happy I found your program!  I have been searching for MONTHS for a program just like yours!  Finally - SALVATION!"

Marilyn Downing
Florida, USA

"Hello, Stan!  I just wanted to say that in over a year on the Internet, your program was the most enjoyable and straightforward yet."

Robert Kerin
New York, USA

"Thank you for being there, Stan, and thank you for this opportunity.  I feel like SOMEBODY, now that I have a purpose - and that purpose is to RUN WITH THE BIG DOGS!"

Marie Risher
South Carolina, USA

"Just finished reading 'Secrets of the Big Dogs.'  Absolute DYNAMITE!"

Lene Jorgensen
Queensland, Australia

"Hello, Stan!  Finally a program with the three things badly needed on the 'net - truth, honesty, and common sense."

Anthony Powell
Quebec, Canada

"This is the FIRST time that I have heard of ANYONE making sense about earning a good income via the Internet!"

Fred Roller
Maryland, USA

"Big Dogs, indeed!  Only the most motivationally challenged could fail with this program!"

Ed Noponen
Florida, USA

"Well, Stan, I have been truly lucky.  With my very first Internet marketing experience, I started pulling back a steady (though small) income.  My second venture was with FFANET.  Fortunately for me it was with YOU as a sponsor, and within two months I was able to generate an income using your 'Secret FFA Files' concept.  Now, here I am with my third online venture (with the Big Dogs), and AGAIN you have outdone yourself!  In just my first six weeks I have sold 65 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebooks, and have downlines in ALL of the C.H.I.P. programs which are generating income.  Now, it is not yet enough to retire on, but if it keeps up at this pace, I will surpass my regular job income within a year.  And we both know that my income from my regular job is NOT chump change!"

Jeff Meisner
Saudi Arabia

"I would like to congratulate you, Stan, on the big splash you've made in the shark infested waters of online marketing!  It must ROCK to have accomplished so much in so short a period of time.  'Secrets of the Big Dogs' was a stroke of genius!  Much continued success."

Judy Pierorazio
Maryland, USA

"I enjoyed reading your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook, and DEFINITELY received my money's worth - even if I decide an Internet business is not for me.  I am relatively new to the Internet and have joined several programs that got me nowhere.  I just wish I had had your book sooner."

Roy Galdes
Pennsylvania, USA

"I am a married father of six girls and grandfather of one.  Real person - real problems.  Some time ago I joined a program and in three months accomplished nothing but to sign up several members of the 'free' variety.  Didn't make a dime.  Then something happened and I had five PAID signups for my program in three days. Then three more.  My downline is now growing by leaps and bounds.  The 'something' that happened was 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' and the C.H.I.P.  I would like to tell Stan how much he has taught me in just a few weeks - how much confidence he has given this four year Internet failure!"

Darryl Miller
Michigan, USA

"I have just finished reading your ebook, 'Secrets of the Big Dogs,' and I am very impressed with your honesty.  Your info on the ways of the Internet is like a breath of fresh air to a drowning person - something sorely needed for a long time."

John Leith
Victoria, Australia

"Stan!  Thanks for putting together this great program.  Just yesterday I received notification from ClickBank about my first two sales!  For my family - Celida, Esmeralda, and I - thank you."

Michael Eyer
California, USA

"Stan, I just wanted to say thanks for creating this unique programme, as well as your marvelous support!  I've only been involved with Internet marketing for a short time, but I've already picked up a few of the 'secrets,' like the importance of traffic.  The many others, though, are a revelation!  You've renewed my belief that it is possible to create a genuine, long-term business online, and I look forward to learning even more!"

Claire McGowan
New Zealand

"I appreciate the frank advice found in your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook.  It's a refreshing change from the usual hype one reads on the Internet."

Malcolm May
New Zealand

"I just want you to know that it's 4:00 AM my time.  I just couldn't sleep until I finished reading through the 'Secrets of the Big Dogs.'  As you can tell, I am VERY excited!  I want to thank you for this terrific program."

James D'Alesandro

"WOW!  I'm speechless!  What can I say about the information that I have read and learned so far in your ebook!  I only wish I had this a couple of years ago."

Murray Beattie
New Zealand

"I found the Big Dogs information very interesting and worth far MORE than the $19.95 I paid for it. I have been in networking for 17 years and never made a dime.  But today, I finally found what I have always dreamed of - an honest home business and someone you can trust.  Thank you, Stan, for a great program!"

Al Childs
Texas, USA

"I read your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook completely last night, and I found it to be the most logical, informative information that I have found on the Internet."

Bruce Thompson
Hawaii, USA

"I have just read the 'Secrets of the Big Dogs,' and I could kick myself for not joining MONTHS ago!"

Phyllis Herod
Colorado, USA

"I've been a part of the Big Dogs community for about six months now, and I must say that the 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook changed my whole way of thinking when it comes to online marketing.  Even though I don't promote the Big Dogs ebook (I already had my own 'favorite program'), I still consider it my Online Marketing Bible, as it has been my greatest tool and inspiration to date!"

Erik Waldrop
Washington, USA

"Congratulations on Big Dog's success . . . and thank you for making it so easy to use!"

Don Adams
Hawaii, USA

"Stan!  I am truly impressed with your book!  It took me to a place I had never imagined in a way that can be clearly understood.  Bravo!"

Wendell Marshall
Nova Scotia, Canada

"I would also like to praise the Big Dogs system. When I bought your ebook I had been trying to market online for almost 2 years without 1 single sale. After I set up the C. H. I. P. programs with just the sample ad you give in the book I made my first sale in just a few days!  That's not the best part, the sales just keep coming in!"

David Walsh
North Carolina, USA

"Should have listened to you long ago about the Big Dogs.  Have been looking for exactly this kind of intelligence for years on the net. Stunning is the only word for it all.  Anyway, your latest effort kind of penetrated my thick fog of cynicism and Stan's book was exactly the incredible rush of sweet fresh air I was gasping for."

Colin Bradley
New Zealand

"Thanks for the great info in the ebook, you guys are what I've been searching for."

Kathryn Buhrer
Kansas, USA

"I've got to say that since I read 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' my outlook on life has changed dramatically. Keep up the brilliant work!"

Andrew Murray
Great Britain

"I’m very much enjoying your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook. It reads like you know me and my own history of internet marketing personally!!"

-Joe Grisaffe
Louisiana, USA

"The Big Dogs program is one of the best ebook/programs I have come across, and I've been involved in the internet side of marketing for a few years now. My only regret is that I didn't join early last year when I first came across it. I know I would have been much farther ahead by now."

-Julius Covington
West Virginia, USA

"I haven't promoted your book as of yet, but I have been using the leads generated from the C.H.I.P. programs to build my Star2000 business, and it has been working GREAT for me. Now I will promote your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook to my leads and pre-enrollees (which are coming in quick!). This is soooo awesome. Your book will totally help my downline succeed!!! It all seems so CLEAR now!"

"You know Stan... I must say, I have a real soothing feeling about all this.  And I have you to thank for it all.  I haven't made a ton of cash yet but I can see that it will be VERY easy to do so.  I found your ebook and plugged the leads generated from the C.H.I.P. programs into my Star2000 biz and almost INSTANTLY was in profit.  And now it is building very nicely. All thanks to you."


-Marco Oscarson
British Columbia, Canada

"I must applaud you for doing a great job in writing this fantastic ebook. Keep up your good work.  Many thanks!"

Carol Oon

"Let me say that I think your eBook is great!  Straightforward and simple."

-Andrew Curtis
New South Wales, Australia

"I became convinced after about four hours of reading that this is the most intelligent system possible!"

-Darrell Mathis
Alabama, USA

"I used to be an accountant in California.  Now I am a stay-at-home, work-at-home mommy in Alaska.  'Secrets of the Big Dogs' blows the doors off anything I could have chosen to do professionally.  THANK YOU!!!!"

-Nicole Copeland
Alaska, USA

"I have read "Secrets of the Big Dogs" and was delighted at how informative and easy to read it was!  I wish I had come upon it a year ago, it certainly would have saved me a lot of time and grief."

-Barbara Brenneman
Pennsylvania, USA

"I just purchased your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' today and have read the first few chapters. Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much clearer I see things now. I, as the other millions of hopeful 'idiots' out there, believed that just tapping into the net would result in me quitting my day job.  Naturally I have had to rethink all of that with nothing to show but money out of the window. Thanks for the good advise!  Can't wait to get further into the material."

-Mark Sommer
Texas, USA

"I purchased your book 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' just yesterday.  I have not even finished reading it yet and I am already absolutely enthralled!"

-Elsie Pearse
Queensland, Australia

"I love your upfront, honest approach in 'Secrets of the Big Dogs.'  It's the first program I've seen that was blunt and honest!  Thanks for putting all this into perspective for me.  It's awesome to say the least, and I can tell you that nothing I've read is as clear as you were."

-T J O'Dell, Jr
Pennsylvania, USA

"I purchased a copy of your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' quite some time ago now.  I lost my original details on this so I did, in fact, purchase it again because of how valuable it is!"

"Although I have never really gotten into promoting the Big Dogs program itself, I have used the knowledge of FFA lead sources, plus reverse marketing that you taught me with the 'Secrets of the Big Dogs."

"This was the start of my success to me making any money on the internet, when prior to reading your excellent book I was getting nowhere."

"All I can say Stan is, thank God you wrote your book, as if I had not read it I would most likely have given up on making money via the internet long ago!"

"So even though this is a long time coming I would like to say thank you, Stan!  Thank you so much for being the guy to give away those secrets instead of being like many of the so called guru's who seem to enjoy playing with peoples hard earned cash and keeping things hidden!"

-Nigel Clarke
United Kingdom

"Thanks for all of great secrets, Stan.  I always KNEW there was a secret to the FFA pages!"

-David Lloyd
Texas, USA

"'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is the first e-book I've read that I feel is totally worth the money!"

-Inga van der Ster

"You really have written an excellent and true book!  I just finished reading it and have to say that this was exactly the way I felt about all the promotion going on!"

-Anja Baumers

"Stan, I am convinced that this is a fantastic program with a long-term
future. I see it as my pension, and I am really proud of what you are doing - helping people to see the truth. Maybe one day the Internet will be rid of the misleading scams that are out there!"

-Stewart Alexander

"Thank you for your words of encouragement!  It is because of people like you that I now know I will be successful on-line and never have to go back to the 'dirt world' again!"

-Ray Hould
Ontario, Canada

"I've purchased your 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook, and read it through twice thoroughly.  I'd like to thank you for finally bringing out the TRUTH!"

-Mark Cohen
Hawaii, USA

"I enjoyed reading your ebook and have to say you sure do have a way with words!  I especially like your no BS way of expression!"

-Debi Brause
North Carolina, USA

"I just finished re-reading your ebook 'SECRETS OF THE BIG DOGS' for the 5th time!  I feel you have done an OUTSTANDING job in presenting a true picture of the Internet today and most importantly, a very clever program on how to make it pay off."

-Thomas Moyer

"I personally think that Big Dogs can become something like 'Windows' - almost everyone needs it when they buy a computer.  Big Dogs might very well become the 'Windows' of Internet Marketing in the future."

-Simon Macharia
Texas, USA

"I read your e-book from cover to cover, like a hungry puppy longing to eat the Big Dog's crumbs.  Yes, I learned a lot from it.  I also realized, that the principles presented therein are applicable to any business online.  Once again, thank you!  You have not given me a fish, but taught me how to catch a fish...that will sustain me for the rest of my internet life."

-Amram Adulag

"I would like to say that even if I did nothing more than read the e-book it was worth the money, in the knowledge that I gained and also the confirmation of the struggles and BS that I have experienced and would not have known was BS before I read the book."

-Robert Deas
British Columbia, Canada

"Let me say that of all the tons of e-books I have collected through my three years online this is probably the first one I actually read from start to finish!  Five stars!"

-Susan Pagels
Illinois, USA

"Just a note to thank you for writing 'The Secrets of the BIG DOGS'.  I bought your e-book in December and read through it with great delight. It really brought me down to the realities of the internet and e-business after floundering for two months."

-Richard Riley
South Africa

"Thank you for putting this whole programme together - you are awesome!  When I started reading 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' I could not put it down.  Finally I have found a programme that is achievable and that makes perfect sense."

-Candy Bowden

"Stan.  I, myself, am a writer and will shortly be coming out with my third book pertaining to motivation and Internet marketing.  It will be available in paperback form as well as in ebook format.  I am proud to admit that you are one of the few people that I admire and respect as expert in the field of internet marketing."

-Richard Quek

"'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is a work of art.  Brilliant.  Enlightening.  Transforming.  All I can say is, I wish I'd met you years ago when you launched.  You have done a magnificent job explaining in fine detail every facet of the plan and opportunity."

-F. David de Rox
Florida, USA

"What a tremendous book!  I have been getting a paradigm brain transplant just by reading it!  Many thanks again for making 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' available to us!"

-Bill Anderson
Northern Territory, Australia

"I have just purchased your ebook and I cannot believe the how well written, easy to understand and follow, this piece of work is.  I felt compelled to write you to say, 'WOW!!!'  I have never read a book with as much information and education!"

-Eleanor Kaluza
Illinois, USA

"I have read all the lies, hype etc. etc and I'm just sorry that I did not find the 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' ebook earlier!  I just wanted to let you know that the book is absolutely excellent - the best I have read on the internet in the last three years!"

-Denise Lawler
Great Britain

"I just wanted to say that the Big Dogs programme is brilliant and has helped me to make sense of the 'opportunity maze' that is the Internet. Thank you very much."

-Brett Smart
Great Britain

"In my opinion 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is the best $19.95 I have ever spent or will spend.  It is a true eye-opening piece, and ANYONE who is even thinking of building an income online MUST read it!"

-Tim Ettinger
Pennsylvania, USA

"Stan!  Thank you for blessing so many people!!!  I want to thank God for giving you the Brains to put this together and the gift of helping so many people!!"

-Joyce Decormier
Connecticut, USA

"I just finished reading your wonderful ebook about running with the Big Dogs. I can't stop kicking myself for not having read and finished it earlier. Now I realize that had I done so, I would've saved myself much grief and dollars."

-Dick Alcaraz

"Thank you again for having the courage and determination to write the Big Dogs book and create the entire Big Dogs program. You may not think of yourself in this way but I do: besides a great businessman, you are a humanitarian.  You are helping the world at large with your work, and yes, you are making history.  I sincerely salute you for that!"

-Xavier Jarquin

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New York, USA  

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Reykjavik, Iceland

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Florida, USA

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Nevada, USA

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Maryland, USA

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Educo Technologies, Inc.
California, USA

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New Hampshire, USA

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Michigan, USA

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"I want to personally thank you for your research, your truthfulness and understanding of the internet and sharing it with other internet dummies like me."

"God bless you,"

-Viola Moreland
Nevada, USA

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"Thanks for being HONEST!"
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California, USA

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Ontario, Canada

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California, USA

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"Hello Stan,"

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Ohio, USA

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Texas, USA

"I must say the Big Dogs plan seems logical and practical. Having no marketing experience, but hopefully a few brains, I have been looking for SOMEONE on the Internet to finally tell me the TRUTH!  You are honest throughout the book - no BS about quick million dollar incomes - and I am really looking forward to this venture."

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California, USA

"I'm just finishing the book, going thru Chapter 8 right now. Why didn't I hear about it a year ago!!?? Just as you spoke about your 'year of horror', it's been just over a year now since I started trying to fathom out this mystery called 'the internet'. Most of that year, I have felt that I was many fathoms deep, down in the depths, wondering if I would ever see the light. I printed out and started reading late last night - until after midnight!  I even took the day off from work today to carry on, and with every chapter found myself getting higher into the clear shallows, with an increasing sense of excitement and a certainty that 'yes!! this is it!!  THANK YOU very much for your book."

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South Africa

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Colorado, USA

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Great Britain

"A couple years ago, I had my own year of 'horror,' believing all the hype and lies, spending thousands, and getting burned.  Recently, however, I began my search again for a reputable online business.  Once I came upon your site, and read the ebook, I knew this business system was the one.  A successful business system must be able to show you EXACTLY - with step by step instructions - how to execute tasks of the business.  And that is exactly what you have done with 'Secrets of the Big Dogs!'  Your writing skills for explaining ideas in simple terms ESPECIALLY catering to the newbies should be commended.  Your willingness to tell the truth and share the secrets builds trust and loyalty.  And to top it off, your Training Site is incredible!".

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"Hi, Stan!  I thought I would really have to concentrate hard to understand your book but what a relief!!  It's like you're actually talking to me!  And so easy to understand.  Thank you so much for this information and doing all the research I wouldn't know how to do."

-Mary Anderson
Florida, USA

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California, USA

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Indiana, USA

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New Jersey, USA

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Ontario, Canada

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"I was in the training area yesterday, and I am blown away with the time and thought that went into preparing it.  Someone has actually taken the time to show us HOW to do things and do them right the first time.  Thanks again for all of the comprehensive information."

- Mary and Glenn Ensminger
Florida, USA

"I must say that your program is A- NUMBER ONE in my estimation!  I am by no means an Internet Guru (yet!) but your instructions and tutorials permit, even the 'below average' marketer, to effectively create and utilize all the programs you promote. I have really learned a lot just from following your Training Guide in setting up all the programs."

-Dan Campbell
Texas, USA

"Great ebook!  It is just about the ONLY thing I've read so far that seems to make any sense!"

-Martin Ledley
Great Britain

"After reading your message regarding internet marketing I feel as if a veil is removed from my eyes and now I can see the light! Every word that you said is true!"

-Laurice de Gale

"You have a unique way of presenting cold hard facts in a very humorous light - enabling folks to laugh at themselves - rather than feel like complete idiots!  Your material is fabulous... as is your writing! (Informative AND entertaining... great combination!)"

-Rich & Linda Peoples
United States

"After eighteen months of wading through all the BS on the internet and losing a lot of money, 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' is like a lifeline.  I was seriously depressed and ready to just throw in the towel. Thank you for changing all of that!"

-Marlene Roberson
South Africa

"As soon as I purchased 'Secrets of the Big Dogs,' I printed it all out, grabbed my self a coffee and started reading. I am only just into the third chapter and it has ALREADY been an eye-opening education to me!"

"It is great to know that there are still honest people out there that really do want to help."

-Michelle Waldon

"Thanks Stan!  I'm excited!  I've just finished reading the e-book, and it just makes so much doggone sense!  I've found the book quite practical and easy to understand, and the information really valuable."

-Steve McQueen

"Hi, Stan.  It's Danny, from the UK.  Thank you for Making 'Secrets of the Big Dogs' available for us newbies.  Your book is a must have for anyone wanting to start an Internet business.  I consider it to be the Internet business Bible, because it speaks the truth and hits you in the face with facts one has never imagined. It enlightens you before you're sucked into a dark unknown world, and advises and points you to the right direction.  It's certainly amazing.  Thanks a million Stan!"

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